Daycare & Development

We make every day count!

Our visiting dogs have a balanced day. Alongside the fun and excitement of pack antics, basic manners to more advanced training sessions are practiced throughout the day, including focus / waiting at gates / calm leash walking / confidence building / pack down stays / obedience and more.

They experience 4.5 hours + of on-site socialisation and adventures and enjoy a controlled environment for free time where they can play and socialise as a pack knowing that bully play, pushy or controlling behaviour is not allowed.

Our aim is to give your dog plenty of exercise and fun but also a day of learning. We will provide exercise, play, mental stimulation – confidence building, calming work, self-control sessions and more so your dog comes home physically and mentally tired. Like us, dogs continue to learn and grow each day of their lives, so we do our best to make every day count with new life lessons and skill development.

New dogs – Training Period

Our new dogs have a lot to learn to catch up to the rest of our Cadets, requiring more one on one time and smaller packs. So before your dog can join the large Daycare packs we start them off in our intro training pack. Our intro training pack is designed to fast-track your dog’s learning so we can get them into our Daycare packs as fast and as smoothly as possible. This ensures your dog gets the time they need to slot in nice and easy, and are set up to thrive when they graduate into our Daycare and Development packs.

The course is normally 4 to 6 day sessions at a training rate of $90 or $150 / $220 for behavioural dogs (dependant on individual dog’s needs).

Minimum enrolment – 3 months

Because it is best for your dog to have ongoing pack socialisation throughout its life and best for the stability of our packs, we prefer focusing on long-term clients. Minimum enrolment is three months from when your dog has graduated from their training period. This is because it takes new dogs time to master the skills our long-term cadets have and ensures we get the best results out of every dog. This is a total of 12 visits (excluding your assessment and training days). Should you cancel within the first three months the remaining amount for this period will be charged. 


This is a set weekly booking for your dog on a selected day or days of the week. This space is reserved for your dog as we have a limited number of spaces available each day. For this reason with regular daycare bookings you will be charged for the space whether your dog is in attendance or not. We allow one free cancellation every two months with the exclusion of school holidays / public holidays where we understand a lot of owners take their dogs away with them or keep them at home


We do offer a casual daycare service but only to our existing clients. 100% cancelation fee will be charged if less than seven days’ notice is given.

Entire Dogs

Yes, we do take entire dogs (both male and female), provided this is not seriously affecting their behaviour (seen in some entire males). Bitches in heat or in the two weeks following are not permitted because they upset the pack dynamics. You will still need to pay for your dog’s space over this period – you may use your free cancelation space if available.

Days / Hours

Our Daycare operates on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
– Drop off times 7.30am – 9:00am
– Pick up times 4:00pm – 6:00pm

We offer a few ways to get your dog to us – check them out here.