Assessment Day

Your dog will need to attend an assessment day or assessment consult prior to booking any of the following services. After your dog’s assessment we can make a plan on how to best move forward for you, your family and your dog.

Day training / board & train

Day training is a day’s training dedicated to your dog. Your dog will need to be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. Board and Train is for dogs who need to stay overnight with us at K9 Cadets for a set period for specific training needs and requirements. This will be customised for each dog after an assessment day. Cost varies depending on the level of behavioural issues and the training required for each individual dog. Typically a day rate of $90 / $150 / $220 will apply.


We do not believe that any behavioural issues can be fairly resolved in

This is a private session with Kim or one of our senior trainers. This can be done on site at K9 Cadets facility or off site at your home, local dog park, neighbourhood etc. Our initial consult is a 2 hours package which comes with training notes, three months access to our online foundations course and a K9 Cadets training leash.

Travel off site costs $50 but is included in out off site initial consult.

Follow up consults are booked and paid by the hour, your trainer will recommend the time frame needed for your next session. A minimum one hour consult is needed for any follow up consult. Cost is $150 per hour for Kim and $125 per hour for a senior trainer.

Board and Train

Three to four-week intensive, specialised training course including follow up owner training. It is designed to deal with serious, extremely difficult and time-consuming behavioural cases. The programme focuses on working your dog through all of its behavioural issues and also covers full obedience (foundation work) such as sit, down, stay, wait, come and calm lead walking. We like your dog dropped off each Monday morning and picked up friday afternoon to go home on the weekends. This allows us to do a one-on-one training session with you and your family each Friday afternoon, meaning you can work on some basic training at home over the weekend to get started on your own path to learning. Dogs with issues that do not suit at-home weekends can board at K9 Cadets Saturday and Sunday at a behavioural homestay rate of $90.

At the end of bootcamp we do a three to four-hour transfer training session on Saturday where you learn all your dog’s new commands and how to continue successfully using them. From here we continue working with you and your dog, following up with three 1.5-hour one-on-one training sessions. These must be completed at weekly spacings within the following month. These will be held at locations that suit you and your dog (within a 50km return radius from K9 Cadets).  It is preferable that all family members who help care and look after your dog attend as many sessions with trainers as possible. Please enquire if you would like a more in-depth bootcamp detail sheet.